PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising has been around for nearly 25 years. Initially started as a research project by Stanford University in 1996, by 1997 more than 400 major brands had implemented it into their marketing strategies. In 2012, Google surpassed $1B in revenue, with 95% of it coming from advertising. The […]
Building out your audiences for Facebook Ads can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. It takes time to really understand your audience, but to speed up the process, we have tips and steps that you can follow!  What is a buyer persona? A buyer persona (or […]
The CTA—or call to action—should be one of your main tools in the quest to overcome ad blindness. As we’ll see, an effective CTA can help your ad stand out from all the other distracting elements on the page, giving it a better chance of being seen and interacted with. […]
In our previous posts in this series, we’ve explored the psychological roots of ad blindness. In this post, we’ll turn our attention to ad design itself, providing you with a few tips and tricks you can use right now to design attention-grabbing display ads. One way to overcome ad blindness […]
It’s a harsh reality, but the fact of the matter is, many people don’t like ads. Everyone reading this is a consumer who has had to contend with an annoying ad from time to time. Even those of us who earn our livings from advertising (cough) must admit that ads […]
Ad blindness, or banner blindness, can demoralize a marketing team as it causes ROI to sink ever lower. Worse, many marketers are unaware of its effect, or else they underestimate it. But if marketers are unaware of the problem, how can they hope to fix it? Fear not. Over the next […]
Anyone who manages marketing or advertising for their company has battled with the decision of whether to hire an in-house team or look for an outside agency. With that said, there are pros and cons of each option, and since I’ve been on both sides of the table, I wanted […]
We’ve all been there — you want to look at something on a website, but you can’t get past the pop-ups asking you to join a mailing list, download an eBook, or listen to a podcast. I understand what these businesses are trying to do to build their funnels, but […]

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