Instagram advertising gives your brand the power to get in front of your audience in a dynamic, visual, and memorable way. Using Facebook’s comprehensive targeting options, you can display your Instagram ad to users that will engage, click through, and convert.

Benefits of Instagram Ads

Increase brand awareness.

Get your brand in front of your unique audience: Millennials that love peanut butter, marketing executives with an affinity for Starbucks, or parents with toddlers.

Shop in app.

Instagram users can purchase a product directly off your ad. If they abandon cart, you can easily reach them with supplemental Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger ads.

Use in tandem with Facebook.

Facebook gives you the option to display your ads across all of their platforms. This gives you the opportunity to make a greater impact and gather user insight.

Why Ten26 Media?

Our Google Ads management services take the weight off your shoulders by allowing our team of industry professionals to manage your account. Our campaign strategies are entirely designed to meet the needs of our clients and their market condition. We manage each of our clients’ accounts on a daily basis and regularly monitor bid prices and budget to make sure we are maximizing return-on-ad-spend.

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Scope of services

Our Instagram Ads management service includes the following benefits:

Dedicated Account Management  >

Professional and efficient, your Account Manager is available to answer any questions as well as provide clear insights into your Instagram Ads campaign.


Daily Monitoring & Weekly Optimization  >

Ensuring your campaigns are running efficiently, we monitor your campaigns daily and make any optimizations needed on a weekly basis.


Goal Setting  >

Starting from your business’s unique needs and measurements of success, we determine measurable business goals with distinct key-performance-indicators (KPIs) to shape your Instagram ad campaigns.


Account Review  >

We assess any existing campaigns for reference in building our recommendations. We identify what worked and what didn’t to establish the best strategy for your Instagram campaigns.


Account Structure & Restructure  >

Based on industry best practices and our own finesse, we develop the structure of your Facebook Ads campaign, including the type of objective.

Competitive Research  >

We identify competitors based on client’s insights and our research to evaluate their messaging to build a strategy that will ensure you stand out to consumers.


Audience Development  >

Once we learn more about your target audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors, we create multiple buyer personas to be used for the different campaigns and ad sets.


Ad Creation & Optimization  >

With all of our research and planning in mind, we construct paid social media ads that incorporate developed audiences to earn consumers’ attention.


Landing Page Recommendations  >

The landing page is the anchor to the user journey and a vital component to yourInstagram Ad campaign’s success. We ensure your landing page is up to snuff, with fast loading times, mobile-friendly design and optimized call-to-action (CTA) location.


Detailed Performance Reporting  >

Our monthly Instagram Ads reporting provides transparent insights to the activity and success of your campaigns, with the directive on how we will adjust advertising spend in the upcoming month to deliver the most conversions.

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