Instagram advertising gives your brand the power to get in front of your audience in a dynamic, visual, and memorable way. Using Facebook’s comprehensive targeting options, you can display your Instagram ad to users that will engage, click through, and convert.

Benefits of Instagram Ads

Increase Brand Awareness

Get your brand in front of your unique audience: Millennials that love peanut butter, marketing executives with an affinity for Starbucks, or parents with toddlers. No matter what your audience looks like, you can find them on Instagram.


Shop In App

Instagram users can purchase a product directly off your ad. If they abandon cart, you can easily reach them with supplemental Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger ads.


Use In Tandem with Facebook

Facebook gives you the option to display your ads across all of their platforms. This gives you the opportunity to make a greater impact and gather user insight.

Why Ten26 Media?

We understand how users interact with social media platforms like Instagram. This knowledge allows us to create strategic campaigns that will increase conversions while decreasing cost per acquisition. Your Instagram account is monitored daily by a dedicated account manager to ensure your campaigns are optimized for performance.

What Is Included

Our Instagram Advertising services includes the following:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Account Review & Goal Setting
  • Facebook Pixel Implementation
  • Targeted Audience Creation
  • Strategic Instagram Campaigns and Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Recommendations
  • Detailed Performance Reporting

Improve Your Campaign Performance Today