Pinterest advertising gives your company the ability to reach people when they’re looking for new ideas as well as making decisions. Using Pinterest’s innovative ad formats and targeting options, you can showcase your brand to users ready to discover and do what they love.

Benefits of Pinterest Ads

Expand Awareness

Our Pinterest advertising services get your message in front of the right people and help them make confident decisions.


Drive Consideration

Pinterest Ads are a simple way to increase traffic to a destination on or off the platform, so people can learn more about your brand, product, or offerings.


Get Conversions

Our conversion-focused campaigns on Pinterest increase your revenue by generating more product sales, online and off.

Why Ten26 Media?

We understand how users interact with social media platforms like Pinterest. This knowledge allows us to create strategic advertising campaigns that will increase conversions while decreasing cost per acquisition. Your Pinterest account is monitored daily by a dedicated account manager to ensure your campaigns are optimized for performance.

What Is Included

Dedicated Account Manager

Professional and efficient, your Account Manager is available to answer any questions as well as provide clear insights into your campaign.


Daily Monitoring & Weekly Optimization

Ensuring your campaigns are running efficiently, your Account Manager monitors your campaigns daily and makes any optimizations needed on a weekly basis.


Goal Setting

Starting from your business’s unique needs and measurements of success, we determine measurable business goals with distinct key-performance-indicators (KPIs) to shape your campaign.


Account Review

We assess any pre-existing campaigns and Pinterest Ad Accounts for reference in building our recommendations.


Competitive Research

We identify competitors based on client’s insights and our research to evaluate their messaging to build a strategy that will ensure you stand out to consumers. As they say, keep your friends close and your competitors closer.


Account Structure & Restructure

Based on industry best practices and our own finesse, we develop the structure of your campaign, including the types of communications – such as remarketing and retargeting – and best platforms for ad placement.


Keyword Discovery and Selection

After becoming well-acquainted with your consumers through target audience research, we pair insights from the most sophisticated industry tools with our team’s experience-based knowledge to identify the most resourceful keywords to be targeted in your campaign.


Ad Spend Recommendations

By inputting data from the keywords selected to our accurate and proven formula, we create a detailed ad spend recommendation to achieve the best return on ad spend (ROAS). These recommendations will be adapted regularly in flux with your campaign’s landscape.


Ad Creation & Optimization

With all of our research and planning in mind, we construct paid-search ads that incorporate predetermined keywords and earn consumers’ attention.


Landing Page Recommendations

The PPC landing page is the anchor to the user journey and a vital component to your campaign’s success. We ensure your landing page is up to snuff, with fast loading times, a mobile-friendly design and optimized call-to-action (CTA) location.


Detailed Performance Reporting

Our monthly PPC reporting provides transparent insights to the activity and success of your campaigns, with directive on how we will adjust ad spend in upcoming month to deliver the most conversions.

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