Pinterest advertising gives your company the ability to reach people when they’re looking for new ideas as well as making decisions. Using Pinterest’s innovative ad formats and targeting options, you can showcase your brand to users ready to discover and do what they love.

Benefits of Pinterest Ads

Expand Awareness

Our Pinterest advertising services get your message in front of the right people and help them make confident decisions.


Drive Consideration

Pinterest Ads are a simple way to increase traffic to a destination on or off the platform, so people can learn more about your brand, product, or offerings.


Get Conversions

Our conversion-focused campaigns on Pinterest increase your revenue by generating more product sales, online and off.

Why Ten26 Media?

We understand how users interact with social media platforms like Pinterest. This knowledge allows us to create strategic advertising campaigns that will increase conversions while decreasing cost per acquisition. Your Pinterest account is monitored daily by a dedicated account manager to ensure your campaigns are optimized for performance.

Features of Pinterest Ads


Pinterest’s innovative ad formats help people find useful, relevant ideas. Your business can meet a range of advertising objectives, from brand awareness to sales.

  • Promoted Pins: Promoting Pins looks like a standard Pin and extends your reach so more potential customers see your content across the platform.
  • Promoted Video Pins: Promoted Video Pins allow you to communicate your message in a more creative way while inspiring people to try new things.
  • Promoted Carousels: Promoted Carousels can contain up to five images and give you the opportunity to tell a deeper story for your brand or product.
  • Promoted App Pins: Promoted App Pins make it easy for people to discover and download apps, without having to leave the platform.



Pinterest’s targeting creates a unique opportunity for your business to reach the millions of people who come to Pinterest every day to find or shop for your products and services.

  • Interest targeting: Get your products in front of people based on what they like (destinations and outdoor gear), as they browse their category and home feeds.
  • Keyword targeting: Keyword targeting helps increase in-store sales, boost traffic and drive online actions by showing your products to people ready to take the next step.
  • Audience Targeting: Audience targeting helps you reach a specific group of people by combining info about your customers with info about how people use Pinterest.






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What Is Included

Our Pinterest Advertising services include the following:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Account Review & Goal Setting
  • Attribution & Measurement
  • Targeted Audience Creation
  • Strategic Campaigns and Ad Copy
  • Product Page Recommendations
  • Detailed Performance Reporting

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