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The Impact of Agency Work, with Jason Zotara

The Innovative Agency Podcast

We’re joined by Jason Zotara from Ten26 Media to discuss the impact of agency work through the lens of social impact and sustainability. We explore the creative ideas that agencies bring to their clients and how it goes beyond just metrics, changing the economic picture and culture. This conversation highlights the importance of focusing on work that has a positive ripple effect in the world.

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The Harvest Growth

Mastering Google Ads: Ground Rules for Winning More Customers and Sales Online – Ten26 Media

Today we talk with Jason Zotara, Founder and Managing Partner of Ten26 Media, an advertising agency that’s helped many small businesses and Fortune 500 brands succeed through Google Ads and paid media.

Having spent more than 20 years in marketing overseeing the spend of millions of dollars in paid media campaigns, Zotara shares with us his deep wealth of knowledge in Google Ads that has skyrocketed many of his clients’ businesses to success.

This is a must-watch interview if you want to discover the little-known basics that can make or mar your Google Ads.

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PR Hangover

Running a Business Sustainably (w/ Jason Zotara)

In this episode, we hear from Jason, a thriving entrepreneur in the advertising industry. He talks about his background, career journey, and what led him into the industry. Jason also provides advice for students interested in pursuing a career in advertising or business.

Also discussed was Jason’s dedication to sustainability and why it’s a crucial aspect of his business practices. He’ll share some of his successful sustainability initiatives and how they’ve had a positive impact on his business and the environment.

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The Needle Movement Podcast

A B!tch Session on the Agency/Client Relationship

It’s time for a b!tch session! These days, most of us work with consultants or agencies to achieve our goals. we’re either on the client side or the agency side.

We can have all the tools but it’s the team that handles the execution. And often, that’s not just in-house people. With the gig economy too, the agency/client relationship has evolved. Staffing is so much different these days.

Special guests Wendy Hu of Visual Conductor and Jason Zotara of Ten26 Media, both agency owners, join our panel and we’ll have some fun with this episode, talking about why agencies suck. why clients suck. But ultimately, it’s about how you can get more out of these collaborations.

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The Needle Movement Podcast

Don’t Freak Out: A Digital Marketing Conversation with Jason Zotara

Our special guest Jason Zotara, the founder of Ten26 Media was recently dubbed “the king of ads” by industry insiders. His agency has managed hundreds of clients through different ad platforms (Google, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) in a variety of verticals including eCommerce, health and fitness.

During this episode of the podcast, we have a detailed discussion about paid digital marketing where Jason shares insights to help brands right now.

He’ll talk through his 3 key principles to mastering paid media, how to develop detailed customer personas and offer examples for the most effective digital marketing projects to focus on while we’re in a reset mode.

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