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TikTok boasts one billion active users worldwide, with 90% of users using the app on a daily basis. The best part about TikTok compared to other social platforms is that users aren’t hopping on for a quick scroll – they’re spending an average of 52 minutes on TikTok per day. This kind of engagement is a dream for marketers when you know how to use it.

While TikTok is very popular for teenagers, people of all ages have fallen in love with the app. TikTok consists of videos that can last up to three minutes. These videos can be about any topic ranging from cute animal videos to how-to videos. In short, whatever content you make on TikTok, you’re sure to find an audience. 

TikTok recently released a new feature called Go LIVE Together, which can help you market and increase sales for an eCommerce brand. Check out how to use the feature below and why it matters as we head into 2022.

What is TikTok’s new Go LIVE Together Feature? 

TikTok LIVE allows brands to connect to their followers in real-time. It also allows brands to offer long-form content, which you can’t post on TikTok otherwise. TikTok’s new Go LIVE Together feature allows two creators to start a live video together. Rather than one creator going live, now two can contribute and collaborate during the live stream.

This Go LIVE Together feature is beneficial because content creators can expand their reach and grow audiences. When two creators start a LIVE together, the live stream is recommended to both of their followers. This creates an opportunity to grow followers that the creators might not have had otherwise, ultimately offering both creators the chance to gain more recognition. 

The one drawback of the Go LIVE Together feature on TikTok (and LIVE streams on the app in general) is that your account has to have at least 1,000 followers to go live. If you want to grow your TikTok followers, you can:

  • Create disruptive content
  • Identify your niche
  • Piggyback on influencers
  • Invest in advertising 

Another way to grow your followers is to comment on videos relevant to your brand. A lot of brands gain recognition by leaving funny comments on viral videos. As long as you create engaging TikTok content regularly, you will grow your followers organically. To develop great TikTok content, you can:

  • Identify and adapt to trends
  • Connect with the right audience
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Absorb content from other creators to get inspiration
  • Use storytelling to increase brand awareness 
  • Post quality content often and regularly 

Once you have at least 1,000 followers, then you’re ready to start using the Go LIVE Together feature on TikTok to increase sales. 

How to use the Go LIVE Together Feature to Increase Sales

1. Have a game plan

Live streams are great because they allow brands to be authentic with their audience. However, it isn’t wise to go into the LIVE without a game plan, especially when you’re collaborating with another creator using the Go LIVE Together feature. 

It isn’t necessary to have an entire script fleshed out. However, make sure your brand and the creator you’re working with are on the same page regarding topics you’ll discuss. Plus, you should both know how long the LIVE will be and the format. For example, will you be answering consumer questions? Or demonstrating a product? 

Having a game plan that both creators are aware of will make for a much more seamless LIVE stream that will captivate consumers. Plan to start the LIVE during a time of day when your followers are most active. You can find this metric by using TikTok analytics

2. Both creators should post before the LIVE

To increase the number of viewers watching your LIVE, both your brand and the creator you’re collaborating with should post beforehand. Whenever anyone comes across either of your posts, whether on their “Following” page or the “For You” page, they’ll see that you’re LIVE by looking at your profile picture. Then, they can simply click on your profile picture from the video to start watching their LIVE.

For example, here’s what a creator’s profile picture looks like when they’re live streaming:

If both of you post before starting the LIVE, your audience will increase due to increased awareness. Anyone scrolling who comes across your video will know that you’re hosting a live stream, and with more viewers comes more opportunities to increase sales! 

3. Engage with your LIVE viewers

The most unique aspect of a LIVE event is engaging with your viewers. Unlike posting TikTok videos and then only responding to comments after the fact, viewers can chat in real-time on your LIVE. For example, if you see a consumer ask a question in your live stream, it would be great to answer the question and engage right there in real-time.

It might be a bit more challenging to engage with another creator and your audience, but keeping your audience as your priority is key. To do this, you could save time for a question-and-answer session at the end of your Go LIVE Together. Another way to engage viewers is to have a product give-away and pick viewers from the live stream to win. 

Even when you’re not directly addressing your audience, ensure that your Go LIVE Together content is always curated for consumers. When consumers appreciate your content, your sales will increase.

4. Have a Call to Action (CTA)

A key aspect in any content marketing is to have a Call to Action (CTA). A CTA is necessary because consumers won’t take action unless told. Typically, they won’t think to visit your online store until you say, “Visit my online store.” 

With the Go Live Together feature, CTAs can become a little trickier. With two different creators, you both may have different goals for the live stream. For example, you both are probably trying to sell your products. However, having too many CTAs can become confusing to consumers. Too many CTAs can have the opposite effect of increasing sales, and instead, it can slow the conversion process. 

Try to limit the number of CTAs in your live stream by planning with your collaborator ahead of time. For example, two CTAs would be appropriate as long as you are prepared and able to make them clear and concise! 

Use TikTok Go LIVE Together Feature to your Advantage

Going LIVE with another creator on TikTok may seem intimidating, but it is a great feature to expand your brand’s reach and increase sales. Find a complementary product and start planning – with so many active, engaged users on TikTok, using the Go LIVE Together feature is sure to draw consumers in and create brand awareness. Live Video and Live Shopping are the future for commerce (see why here), so 2022 is the year to get in on the trend. Happy recording!