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Brands are taking advantage of the growing popularity of TikTok. With over one billion active users around the globe, this flourishing social media platform allows users to explore a wide range of short videos. It seems like just about everyone is represented on TikTok, but how is it different from other social media advertising that you’ve already been implementing?

Let’s look at four (4) marketing opportunities that brands use on TikTok to appeal to consumers and broadcast their message to a massive audience.

1. Dunkin Donuts: Hashtags Challenges and Brand Ambassador

Hashtags are not new to social media, but their effectiveness remains a stronghold for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok. The concept is simple: Create a catchy slogan for your brand, upload a video displaying your challenge, then encourage others to participate.

Dunkin recently hosted a hashtag challenge called #dunkintryouts appealing to followers who are true Dunkin superfans. Since the brand only follows 18 other accounts, they offered two lucky winners the chance to be followed by the chain.

@dunkin Tryouts are OFFICIALLY open- show us what you've got TikTok! We take a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew break in 5😉 #DunkinTryouts #dunkin ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

True fans uploaded their videos describing why they were the ultimate Dunkin lover with the hopes of gaining a follow, a “Dunkin Follows Me” shirt and the notoriety from thousands of other hopefuls. 

This type of marketing is genius because you offer something simple as a reward, but users create content to sell themselves as your biggest fan. They highlight your products, their loyalty, and your brand’s part in their day-to-day lives.

Not only is the creativity boundless from users, but the advertising also doesn’t look like an ad at all. Instead, it’s authentic, with real customers’ opinions and experiences being broadcast in a short video that thousands can see.

Dunkin Donuts experienced hashtag notoriety due to the adoration of a popular TikTok star, Charli Di’Amelio. She shared her signature order from the coffee chain, which became #theCharli trend that had Dunkin seeing a spike in the orders among young customers.

Realizing the potential of such a well-known influencer, Charli became a brand ambassador. With merchandise and drinks named after her on the menu, she is now considered the face of Dunkin.

2. Ulta Beauty- Live Shopping Events

Fashion, skincare, and beauty brands have realized the power of TikTok when marketing to the masses. Short videos are the perfect way to showcase products, and demonstrations are powerful in connecting with the consumer.

Enter live shopping events. Live shopping is becoming more popular, with buyers able to shop right in the app for products promoted during the event. 

With influencer Safia Kelly as their event host, Ulta beauty presented a live shopping event featuring Black-owned brands. While demonstrating products and stylish looks, the ad for the event also boasts gift card giveaways and exclusive discount codes.

@ultabeauty Glam picks for your pics ✨ @safai305 ♬ original sound – Ulta Beauty

With a charismatic host highlighting top products, the video is authentic with her excitement for viewers to join the event. Allowing potential shoppers to register for the live events also allows for valuable data collection for the marketing team. 

Live shopping events can create an atmosphere where customers can connect with the brand, ask questions in real-time, and be exposed to new products that they may not come across when just shopping in the online store. The promise of exclusive discounts and limited-time deals helps to draw in buyers. You can learn more about live shopping (including other social platforms) and why we think it’s the future here.

3. Scrub Daddy- Behind the Scenes Access and Demonstrations

That’s right, America’s favorite sponge and popular Shark Tank product is on TikTok. This brand’s playful product lends itself well to the TikTok atmosphere. Its account offers a lighthearted way to advertise and inform consumers about its product.

With notoriety from his time on Shark Tank, CEO Aaron Krause is the primary host of videos posted on their page. The videos take viewers behind the scenes of a new warehouse being built due to the huge success of the product. The “day in the life” posts give you an inside look into the company and make you feel like part of the Scrub Daddy family.

This insider approach makes a large company seem somehow more relatable. Krause even goes on to thank customers for the product’s success after a tour of the new facility. Talk about connecting with consumers. Knowing the face behind the brand adds tremendous value and leaves the customer wondering what’s next? 

I know, I know….it’s a sponge. How exciting could it be? Scrub Daddy has a great recycling rewards initiative that allows customers to return their used sponge for credit towards future purchases. Reading about it on the website probably doesn’t get much traction, but pairing that information with a clever video demonstration and a clear explanation of the mission? Much more effective. 

@scrubdaddy You can find more info on our Recycling Rewards Program on our website!! Happy National Recycling Day 😊♻️. #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #recycle #americasfavoritesponge #cleaningtiktok ♬ original sound – Scrub Daddy

Most of the videos are in-house—literally in the office where employees are seen creating memes comparing Scrub daddy to traditional sponges. They also demonstrate the products being used to do typical cleaning jobs and surprising uses like peeling a potato or removing sticky labels from surfaces.

The brand also has a larger-than-life Scrub Daddy featured in many humorous videos, capitalizing on popular trending videos. Lighthearted and comical videos make this brand much more memorable than advertising opportunities from their website.

4. Disney Parks- Point of View Videos

Sure, TikTok videos are great for highlighting specific products, but what if you are selling an experience? Disney Parks has found a way to highlight so many offerings without feeling like an advertisement.

@disneyparks When you find out you’re worthy of pulling the sword in the stone 🗡️🛡️ (via: @Arabella’s Mama ❤️) #DisneyParks #Disney #Sorcerer #DisneyMagic #SwordInTheStone ♬ original sound – Disney Parks

The key is having relatable people like college interns, choir directors, and chefs spotlight their particular niche within the parks. It gives the viewer an intimate look at Disney and makes you feel like an insider. The authenticity of the posts makes them enticing. 

There are also literal POV posts that take you inside the rides, running a 5K through the park and even decorating the Disney Cruise Line. These short video clips highlight the parks’ magic without having to look or sound like an actual ad. They are short, captivating, and engage with customers, sometimes with thousands of views.

Final Thoughts

From coffee to beauty brands, cleaning products to travel, TikTok is an effective marketing platform for a wide range of businesses. A brand is only limited by their imagination as they create content that showcases their unique assets.

Most brands use several marketing techniques to get views and increase their reach. So whether it’s a clever hashtag, jumping on the latest viral meme, offering exclusive deals, or taking viewers behind the scenes, make sure your team is ready to capitalize on this growing advertising opportunity.