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With more and more people traveling as we head into the summer months, the demand for products has increased. However, most travel products are single-use and not eco-friendly. Plenty of sustainable alternatives can help reduce waste and promote sustainable travel. In this blog, we will mention our five favorite eco-friendly products, ranging from sustainable luggage to eco-friendly accessories. 

Sustainable Luggage 

Sustainable luggage is made from environmentally-friendly materials that are durable and will last you a lifetime. Some materials that are deemed to be environmentally conscious are recycled materials, organic cotton, and biodegradable plastics. The list of benefits of using sustainable luggage can go on and on, but the most common themes are reducing waste, reducing carbon footprint, and increasing durability. 

A brand that we recommend is Solgaard. 

Solgaard was founded in 2016 by Adrian Solgaard, a worldly traveler who was inspired by a trip to the Philippines to create a company that would help reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable living.

Their Carry-On Closet is made with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell and aluminum frame that is exceptionally durable for all scenarios. In addition, their interior lining is made with Shore-Tex® ocean-bound plastic fabric, which cleans up 6 lbs of ocean-bound plastic from coastal communities. 

Solgaard also offers a lifetime warranty on their luggage, so in case something goes wrong, they will fix or replace it for you. 

Screengrab from Solgaard’s product website, May 2023 

To learn more about Solgaard and its products, click here

Some other sustainable luggage companies that we also recommended are Paravel, Lo & Sons, Parkey Clay, and Samsonite

Reusable Water Bottles 

Single-use plastics significantly contribute to environmental pollution, with disposable water bottles being the #1 contributor to waste. Using a reusable water bottle can help reduce waste and promote sustainability while traveling the world. 

A company that takes the cake in eco-friendly travel products is Kleen Kanteen. We recommend their water bottles and tumblers the most. 

Klean Kanteen was created in Chico, California, in 2004 by Robert and Jess Seals, looking for a safe, non-toxic way to carry water while hiking and camping. This idea led to the creation of their prototype, and now with products such as water bottles, tumblers, mugs, and more. 

Today, 95% of Klean Kanteen’s products are made from a certified 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel. Using recycled steel helps the company’s greenhouse gas emissions from steel stay below 50%. 

Screengrab from Klean Kanteen’s product website, May 2023 

See more of Klean Kanteen’s products you can visit their website here.  

Other companies with great reusable water bottle options are Purifyou, S’well, and Hydro Flask.

Eco-Friendly Toiletries     

Eco-friendly toiletries are personal care products designed and produced with environmentally conscious principles in mind. It can be the product itself or how packaging is created and what it is made of. 

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to eco-friendly products. Still, a company that embodies sustainability the most is Ethique, especially its shampoo/conditioner and body wash bars. 

Founded by Brianne West, a New-Zealand based biologist and entrepreneur, West started Ethique after realizing how harmful the beauty industry was to the environment in the form of plastic waste. So, she decided in 2012 to create a line of products that were not only effective but also eco-friendly. 

Ethique has prevented over 25 million plastic bottles from being manufactured since their launch date saving 5.3 million gallons of water and offsetting 5797.520 tons of CO2 emissions. They have also planted 535,836 real trees since April 2020. 

Screengrab from Ethique’s product website, May 2023 

Take a peek at some of their great products here, or look at other eco-friendly toiletries that can be found at LUSHPlaine Products, EcoRoots, and Raw Elements

Sustainable Clothing 

Sustainable clothing for travel is a popular choice for eco-conscious travelers who want to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying comfortable and stylish clothing. This type of clothing is usually produced with organic cotton, hemp, and cork and is made using eco-friendly processes that minimize waste and reduce emissions.

By choosing to wear sustainable clothing, you are not only helping to protect the environment but also supporting companies that are committed to reducing their impact on this planet. 

A brand that accomplishes all of these things is Tentree. 

In 2012, three friends, Kalen and Derrick Emsley, and Dave Luba, from Saskatchewan, Canada, realized they wanted to start a stylish clothing line that was socially responsible and eco-friendly and make a positive impact on the environment by planting ten trees for every item purchased (hence, the name). Ten years later, 

Tentree has planted over 100 million trees, intending to plant 1 billion by 2030, and their products have saved 200 million grams of waste, 245 million liters of water, and 1 saved 1 MM kg of CO2 emissions. Their hoodies and t-shirts are great for on the go or just lounging around in. 

Screengrab from Tentree’s product website, May 2023

Purchase or learn more about Tentree, on their website

We also love these sustainable clothing brands like Jungmaven, Everlane, avocado, and of course, Patagonia.

Ecological Travel Accessories      

Quite a variety of eco-friendly accessories are available on the market. Some examples are food containers, bamboo utensils, metal straws, and even solar-powered chargers! One brand that we tell all our friends about is Bambu. 

In 2003, in Shanghai, China, Jeff Delkin, and Rachel Speth created the company when they realized the environmental damage caused by using disposable chopsticks. In addition, they realized that using eco-friendly materials (a.k.a bamboo) is a fast-growing and renewable resource. 

Bambu takes pride in its bamboo production, with its hand produced in the Fujian province of China, free of pesticides and fertilizers, and only harvested every 3-5 years. Bamboo is a great tactic to take on the plastic-free initiative and make a difference in the environment. 

Screengrab from Bambu’s product website, May 2023

Discover all that Bambu has to offer here

These brands have some pretty cool accessories, too: Wavecase, Lunchskins, and SimplyStraws


As global awareness of the environmental impact of travel continues to grow, we as people are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint while still being able to explore the world. With the items and brands that we have listed above, we think these offer a practical and accessible way for people to make a positive impact on the environment. 

By investing in these products, you can have a clear mind and be conscious of your everyday products and how they affect our world while still enjoying all the fantastic traveling experiences. So we hope you enjoy and get busy shopping!