Digital ad solutions for ecommerce brands

When it comes to digital advertising (aka PPC), a strategy needs to encompass more than just bidding on high-volume keywords and writing copy. Once you dive in and create a plan for success, business professionals are always surprised to discover the amount of testing and revision that happens (and never ends!) in order to meet advertising goals and continue to grow. 

A few reasons constant PPC management is worth it:

  • PPC helps you compete. Digital advertising is an easy way to level the playing field and help you compete with even the biggest businesses in your space
  • Your spend is always validated. We help create custom PPC ads including creative, budget management, keyword research, and daily analysis to ensure your PPC dollars are working the best they can for your business
  • You’ll gain new insights. By consistently monitoring which ads are working (working = leading to a sale, not just clicks!) you’ll learn more about your audience and how to move your business forward

Plus, we’re a Google Partner. This means that our team has completed Google’s marketing program for advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands. This earns us access to special events, training provided by Google, industry research benefits, and more.

Why Ecommerce PPC Isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Digital advertising management comes in many different shapes and sizes. For example, managing ads for a client that is focused on leads and a longer sales cycle is different from managing ads for an ecommerce store. Furthermore, each ecommerce store is different based on size and industry. Ecommerce ads management is nuanced, so it’s important to find an agency like Ten26 Media that specializes in specifically crafting and managing an ecommerce strategy.

+ Understand the Right Ad Platforms for Your Specific Business

Once again, not all ecommerce stores are created equal. A B2B wholesale business and a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business’s needs and goals can differ drastically, so it’s important to work with an expert to ensure you’re spending money on the right advertising platforms. While social media might be the top platform for one business, Google should use more budget for another.

+ Understand Live Shopping Trends

At Ten26 Media, we believe Live Shopping is going to be the next big thing. That’s why we’ve invested the time in understanding how this works and what it might mean for the future so that we can manage Live Shopping events effectively. While one might not consider this a “paid marketing” opportunity, it can be if you have an expert on your side. 

+ Understand Setting Up Proper Tracking

Testing and analyzing data comes next. Setting up proper tracking is crucial (and unfortunately, bots click ads often and create false analytics numbers). We ensure that your tracking is set up correctly and offer a report each week because we believe you should understand and follow along as things change.

+ Understand the Power of Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads work a little bit differently than your typical Google Ads account, and there is a learning curve. This includes understanding the Google “Fast and Free Shipping” annotation, creating a shopping keyword segmentation structure, and other options to optimize your ads. 

+ Understand the Different Bidding Strategies

Believe it or not, there are six different bidding strategies that PPC experts and agencies refer to when working with an ecommerce client, and it’s important to test each to ensure you find one that works. 

  • Manual CPC
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Target CPA (cost per action)
  • Target ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Maximize conversions 
  • Maximize conversion value

+ Understand Seasonal Demands and Market Shifts

As an ecommerce company, we understand that seasonality is typically part of the gig. This makes constant ads management crucial so you can capitalize during times when consumers are hot and save your budget when things slow down.

Our company has been working with Ten26 Media for over three years. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this team, not only because we have saved so much year over year because of their optimization skills, but because they go above and beyond. If you’re looking to improve the quality and cost of your campaigns, these guys know their stuff!

Amanda DiSilvestro

Discover Corps

Jason and the team at Ten26Media are fantastic. It’s rare to come across an agency that cares about their clients as much as we do, at Mod Girl Marketing. Jason and his team are incredibly talented, genuine, and a joy to work with. You cannot go wrong working with the fabulous team at Ten26Media.

Mandy McEwen

Mod Girl Marketing

Ten26 Media has been an invaluable member of our team. With their expertise, we’re able to enhance our customers’ online experience and increase sales. I’ve worked with a ton of agencies in my career – Ten26’s experience, recommendations, execution and results are among the best I’ve worked with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Jeff Cornelius

Liberty Home Builders

Ten26 is a shop that goes far above and beyond. We have partnered with them on one project, are adding them to another, and will continue to work with them in the future. They are a SEO/paid firm that we trust has our back and the client’s best interest in mind – always!

Justin Ware

Groundwork Digital

Jason and the Ten26 Media team are incredibly knowledgeable in the digital sphere and have been a valuable partner in our marketing efforts. The personal attention and immediate responses from Ten26 make it feel as though we have our own digital media manager on staff. They truly care about the results they drive and continuously strive for greater.

Tara Scott

The Webster Apartments

We found TEN26MEDIA when we needed help to provide quality Adwords services for our clients. They proved knowledgeable, diligent, and communicative. More important, they created successful campaigns that delivered for our clients. We are impressed with their creativity and depth of experience, and they are an asset to our agency.

Brandy Bax

Empro Web

Smart, web-savvy team willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Not counting the hours, but focused on delivering results. We do not consider them a vendor, but an actual extension of our team.

Andrew Motiwalla

Terra Education

What Is Included in PPC Management Costs?

While the points above explain some of the stand-out factors to consider when working with an ecommerce store specifically, we offer the following services to all of our clients:

Dedicated Management

A dedicated Account Manager is available to answer any questions as well as provide clear insights into your digital advertising campaigns.

Daily Monitoring

We monitor your digital advertising campaigns daily and makes any optimizations needed, ensuring campaigns are running efficiently.

Goal Setting

Starting from your business’s unique needs, we determine measurable business goals with distinct KPIs to shape your digital ad campaign.

Account Review

We assess any pre-existing digital advertising campaigns for reference to what worked, and what didn’t in building our recommendations.

Competitive Analysis

We identify competitors based on client’s insights and our research to build a strategy that will ensure you stand out to consumers.

Account Structure

We develop the structure of your campaign based on industry best practices and our own finesse, including the best platforms for ad placement.

Keyword Selection

We pair insights from the most sophisticated industry tools with our team’s experience-based knowledge to identify the most resourceful keywords.

Audience Development

We create multiple buyer personas based on demographics, interests and behaviors to be used for the different campaigns.

Ad Creative

With all of our research and planning in mind, we construct impactful creative ads that earn potential consumers’ attention.

Landing Pages

We ensure your landing page is up to snuff, with fast loading times, a mobile-friendly design and optimized call-to-action (CTA) location.

Budget Recommendations

We create detailed digital ad spend recommendations which will be adapted regularly to achieve the best return on ad spend (ROAS).

Performance Reporting

Our monthly reporting provides transparent insights into the activity and success of your campaigns, with directive on how we will adjust ad spend.


A Shopify Store Owners Guide to Building a Profitable Paid Media Strategy

Download our free guide to gain insights into how you can build and execute paid media strategies that improve the return on your investment.

Our Approach: It’s All About Sales & Revenue

So what exactly is the real goal of digital advertising management?

For an ecommerce company, sales and revenue is the name of the game. It’s important to create an ecommerce sales funnel to understand which ads are generating the most amount of revenue for you and which have the most opportunity for future success. You might also have slightly different audiences interested in your product, so it’s our job to ensure we have funnels for all of your consumers to create the biggest return on investment.

Lastly and most importantly, we set out to create an ecommerce PPC management company that is high-touch, meaning we don’t count every penny like some of the competition out there. If our keyword research ends up including a few more keywords than expected, we’re OK with that.

A Few Industries We’ve Worked With

  • Pet
  • Travel, Leisure & Tourism
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Consumer Electronics
  • And more…

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