Companies choose Ten26 Media to develop strategy, connect with their audience and measure success. Here are some of their stories.

Discover Corps

San Diego, California –


Discover Corps is a company focused on meaningful travel, offering a variety of volunteer vacations to destinations in Africa, Latin America, Australia, and Asia. Their mission is to inspire appreciation for the natural wonders and cultures of the world on each trip through immersive and sustainable experiences.


The challenge

Discover Corps was not satisfied with the existing Google Ads management services. Their ad spend was resulting in unreasonable costs per lead, indicating an obvious lack of high-touch management and optimization efforts.


The approach

The client was seeing great costs per lead due to Ten26 Media’s high-touch Facebook Ads management services, so the client decided to extend Ten26 Media’s management services to Google Ads.


The results

Due to strategic optimizations focused on refining keyword targeting and bid adjustments, Ten26 Media drove down cost-per-lead across all Google campaigns, saving the client $90,346.08 in wasted ad spend over the course of 5 months while still exceeding desired conversion numbers, including a record amount of leads in the month of January.

The Webster Apartments

New York City, New York –


The Webster Apartments is a residence in New York City whose mission is to provide safe, affordable housing and essential amenities to young professional women, so they may focus on launching their careers in the city.


The challenge

The client’s multi-touchpoint conversion funnel meant potential leads were engaging with the website but not converting on the first touch point. Because the client’s advertising efforts were focused solely on Google, the client was not able to capture the desired number of leads.


The approach

Ten26 Media hand-crafted a multi-touchpoint paid media strategy, driving traffic to the client’s website via Google to generate an audience list that was then used to leverage remarketing efforts on Facebook.


The results

Using this powerful, integrated PPC advertising strategy, Ten26 Media increased new housing inquiries by more than 50% throughout the engagement.

All Trades Contracting, Inc.

Annandale, New Jersey –


All Trades Contracting is a local home remodeling contractor that has proudly been serving the Northwest New Jersey area for more than 27 years. Specializing in residential remodeling and renovations, their team of home improvement contractors works to turn your house into the beautiful home you’ve always wanted.


The challenge

The client had never invested in digital services until hiring on Ten26 Media as its full-service marketing department to strategically expand clientele.


The approach

Ten26 Media launched an integrated digital marketing approach consisting of primarily paid search via Google Ads and SEO services to grow All Trades’ brand awareness and lead pipeline.


The results

After the first year of the engagement, monthly organic website traffic increased by 40% and leads skyrocketed by 867% compared to the previous year, which led to the client’s fiscal year revenue goal being exceeded by 8%.

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