As the country starts the path to new normalcy from COVID-19, many businesses are wondering how they will modify their operations, including whether they should still run digital ads. 

Some of the questions that we are receiving are:

  • Should I keep running digital ads during this period?
  • If so, how should I change my strategy and messaging?
  • How can I pivot from an offline experience to digital?

In an effort to help you better understand how this situation could affect your online advertising, we are now offering coaching sessions at a discounted rate of $99. 

Coaching sessions are a one-hour live video call with our founder and principal strategist, where you can ask questions and get advice specific to your company and situation. 

There are a few ways to request a coaching call, 

  1. Click here to complete the Get the Started form
  2. Call us toll-free at 877.353.1026
  3. Email us directly at

If you are looking for strategic support, we are here to help.



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